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1968 vs 2020


I remember reading that marriages during the year of 1968 had the highest rate of divorce.  The theory was that marriages during heightened levels of unrest stressed relationships too much?  Maybe . . . ?

After all, 1968 was the year of the Hong Kong virus, which killed a million people worldwide.  That was an election year, with massive protests against the Vietnam War, causing the unpopular incumbent President to quit the race.  It was also the year when Martin Luther King was assassinated, sparking nationwide racial rioting.

This year, we are suffering under another deadly pandemic.  It is also an election year with an unpopular incumbent President.  Racial protests and rioting dominate the news.

1968 and 2020 are separated by 52 years . . . but not much else!

Best wishes to all 2020 newly-weds!

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