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Final Thoughts on China


All of my life, the U.S. has been the engine of growth for the world. That is no longer the case, as China has clearly taken our place. While that may be sad, I don’t think it is anything to be feared. During my travels over the last two weeks or so, I’ve focused on … Continue reading Final Thoughts on China

Save Your Breath, America!


The Bush Administration started applying pressure on China years ago, to allow their currency to increase in value. This makes their exports more expensive to foreigners who buy them, like the U.S. As a result, foreigners buy less, which means China produces less, and fewer Chinese workers are needed. Layoffs increase and so does social … Continue reading Save Your Breath, America!

Peeling the Onion….


Last week, I marveled that China was making the same mistake as the U.S. by letting its Social Security system get as out of control as ours. Digging into this has not been easy, but I have learned that: 1. It started in 1978, when China was still a “socialist-paradise”. 2. By 2030, it is … Continue reading Peeling the Onion….

Deja Vu…..Not This Time


Back in 1986, I was a Vice President with Citibank out of New York, and based in Dallas. With no data to go on, except a general sense of unease about the possibility of serious over-building, I rented a large van for a full day and invited all the best bankers I could to spend … Continue reading Deja Vu…..Not This Time

The Triumph of Madison Avenue


Certainly, one of the most apparent changes in China from my last visit in 1987 is the western style of clothing, which has been completely adopted by the Chinese. It is not unlike a typical walk thru Chinatown in San Francisco. Who said advertising doesn’t work? Yet, this is one of those discussions where business … Continue reading The Triumph of Madison Avenue

A Day in the Life of ….China


This nation boasts the greatest number of newspapers, with over 400. It is also accused of having jailed the most jounalists, number unknown. Still, a good read of one day’s edition offer insights into Chinese thinking see 1. Pressure from the U.S. to allow the Chinese currency (Yuan) to appreciate is not motivated by … Continue reading A Day in the Life of ….China

What Mao Meant…..?


Mao said that all great men have climbed The Great Wall. What he meant to say was “All great financial advisors have . . . “

A Rocker Got it Right


As a child of the Cold War, I just assumed I would die in a nuclear war. When I first heard the song by rocker Sting, called “Do the Russians Love Their Children Too?”, I was caught a little off-balance by the question. Yesterday, I watched an older lady stop a young mother to admire … Continue reading A Rocker Got it Right

Paging Gloria Steinam


The flight attendants for Air China are young and pretty, obviously a proven branding campaign for generations. However, just like all flight attendants everywhere, they were over-worked, harassed, and annoyed. Rolling their eyes seemed to be a primary job requirement. Yet, they seem to have more authority than U.S. travelers normally see. When they tell … Continue reading Paging Gloria Steinam

A Troubled Economic Paradise


In 1987, I made my last trip to China. Mao had only been dead 11 years, and Deng was still trying to figure out how to use Soviet-style Five Year Plans to unleash the Chinese economy. To me at that time, it was a large, Second-World nation with an agrarian economy. My principle take-away was … Continue reading A Troubled Economic Paradise

More breadcrumbs leading to . . .


Yesterday, it was announced that wholesale inventory levels rose 1.3%, which is the best performance in two years. Sometimes, a rise in inventory means sales have decreased, causing inventories to backing up. However, it was also announced that sales at the wholesale level increased twice as much as expected. This means wholesalers are re-stocking their … Continue reading More breadcrumbs leading to . . .

Stealth Globalization


There is no good measure of globalization, a fact that drives economists crazy. Traditionally, we have used the Baltic Dry Index, which measures the cost of shipping dry goods around the world. It’s a good start, but here is another. Every three years, the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland measures the volume of trading, … Continue reading Stealth Globalization

A Good Morning, Indeed!


It’s nice to start the day with two pieces of good economic data. First, initial jobless claims dropped more than expected, down 27,000 to 451,000. That makes three jobless reports in a row that have been better than expected. It certainly smells like a bottom in an awful jobs market. Second, the trade deficit shrank … Continue reading A Good Morning, Indeed!

Economic Rolaids


The Market has been holding its breath, fearful of today’s Jobs Report. Coming just before Labor Day, it seemed to be even more important than usual. Hopes started to rise Wednesday when the ISM (Institute of Supply Managment) manufacturing index actually rose more than expected. Still, most economists were expecting that the U.S. economy had … Continue reading Economic Rolaids

Did Anybody Notice?


In 1988, I took my daughter to Cozumel to scuba dive. While there, I spent some time on the beach reading a book whose name I no longer recall. What I do recall is its strident insistence that stock analysts pay much more attention to the “P/E Ratio” or Price-earnings ratio. This is a measure … Continue reading Did Anybody Notice?

The Way It Should Be!


Late last night, I returned from board meetings in Chicago of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA). Like any board of any national organization, they were grappling with all the normal issues, such as budgets during the tough times. But, no matter the issue, the focus always remained on what was both fair … Continue reading The Way It Should Be!

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