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Dow – Twenty or Thirty Thousand ??


Barron’s is a highly-respected weekly news-rag.  The cover article on their latest issue proclaims: NEXT STOP:  DOW 30,000 Inside, the article begins with: The Dow hitting 20,000 was no fluke.  Today’s stock prices are well supported by solid prospects for corporate earnings and economic growth.  In fact, if President Donald Trump can avoid stumbling into a … Continue reading Dow – Twenty or Thirty Thousand ??

Slow and Steady . . . ?


The Commerce Department has just released their first estimate of GDP growth during the fourth quarter, showing a 1.9% annualized rate, which is about what was expected.  Although this is down substantially from the Q3 growth rate of 3.5%, it was expected that 3.5% was an aberration, due to agricultural imports.  For full year 2016, … Continue reading Slow and Steady . . . ?

New Pejorative?


Like most people, I’ve been called a few names, including some colorful four- or seven-letter names.  Now, I’ve been called a “globalist” – someone who supports the notion of globalization.  I didn’t know that word was a pejorative, but I will wear it with pride!

.25 or 20,000 – Part Two


For my thoughts on the Dow reaching 20 thousand, please read the blog of December 15, 2016. It took a few extra weeks to get there, but that is a good thing, not a bad thing.

New Economist In A New Job


Peter Navarro is a brilliant Harvard-educated Democratic economist that has been picked by President Trump to direct the newly-created National Trade Council.  After running for office three times without success, he made the prudent move into appointee politics.  He is also the author of Death By China, which warned of war with the Asian giant, … Continue reading New Economist In A New Job

Doll Thoughts


One of my favorite thought-leaders is Bob Doll of Nuveen Asset Management.  He maintains a strong hold on the long-term perspective and is not prone to panic.  His latest commentary contained the following: 1.  Corporate earnings are increasing nicely.  Consensus forecasts for this quarter is a 6.4% increase.2.  Weekly unemployment claims hit a 43-year-low last … Continue reading Doll Thoughts

Death By Spin


When I was doing graduate work at the University of Dallas during the last century, I met a fellow student that I’ve always remembered him as the “cheerful intellectual,” because he wrestled with both facts and truth so optimistically.  He had been a high school math teacher and debate team coach in his prior life, … Continue reading Death By Spin

Bye-Bye Bump


I predicted that the market would continue rallying until the inauguration, which is typically a time of good feelings, before reality spoiled the party.  Instead the party was spoiled at least two weeks early.  Maybe, it was just catch-up time for a party that go ahead of itself.  Maybe, it was the realization that Congress … Continue reading Bye-Bye Bump

You Are Cordially Invited . . .


. . . to view our new website at Okay, okay . . . this blog is not yet linked to the website, but you’ll get the idea anyway! Your thoughts would be appreciated!

Greed in a Bull Market


An ancient Chinese proverb by Tao Te Ching says “change your thoughts — change your world.”  Nowhere is that more true than the area of finance called behavioral finance.  Your attitude and assumptions toward money and investing have a huge impact on it. The best known example is during bear markets, when investors panic and … Continue reading Greed in a Bull Market

2016 – In – Review


My quarterly column for Inside Business has been released, and you can read it here: 

Educated Company


One big loser in November’s election was gridlock, and I’m glad.  The other big loser was globalization, and I’m sad . . . very sad! At least, I have good company.  According to research by The College of William and Mary, my old alma mater, there is an inverse relationship between educational level and disdain … Continue reading Educated Company

Interesting Research


Vanguard has done some interesting work.  They looked at the stock market for every single day from 1990 until 2015.  During that 25-year period, they identified the 20 best days and the 20 worst days.  What they learned is that these 40 different days, both up and down, tended to be clustered around geopolitical events … Continue reading Interesting Research

When Was America Great?


President-Elect Trump’ s excellent campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again” begs the question of when was America great before?  A friend sent me an article by Karl Malentes in The New York Times entitled “Vietnam: The War That Killed Trust.”  It was sobering a read, for example, that 65% of Americans are too young to remember … Continue reading When Was America Great?

Swamp Lawyer


The Securities & Exchange Commission is charged with the responsibility of protecting America’s investing public.  Since the Great Recession, they have been aggressively policing stockbrokers and financial advisors . . . very aggressively!  I think it had something to do with shutting the barn door on a timely basis. The problem with such aggressive policing … Continue reading Swamp Lawyer

Bragging Rights


Politicians receive too much credit when the economy is good and too much blame when the economy is bad.  President-Elect Trump will take office when we already have full employment.  President Obama “produced” twelve million jobs during his tenure.  There is no way his successor can be so lucky. For the last twelve months, our … Continue reading Bragging Rights

2017 — Off To A Good Start


For the last six months or so, the economic data has been generally improving.  Yesterday’s ISM report is a continuation of that pleasant trend.  It indicates that the manufacturing sector is the strongest it has been in two years!  This comes despite the disturbing 5% rise in the dollar since the election and weakening global … Continue reading 2017 — Off To A Good Start

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