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Some years ago, a client asked me what was “this Google thing?”  After explaining what a search engine does, I added that Google was the greatest shredder of privacy in the history of the planet.  Then, Facebook came along. If you have not yet read Wednesday’s article in The New York Times, it is well worth … Continue reading Treason!

Monday’s Autopsy


The market was already nervous before the 9:30 AM open on Monday.  Higher and higher interest rates were bad enough, but the market was also frightened by a senior trade negotiator who predicted a long, slow fight with China, with no end to the trade war in sight.  Then, the world’s largest company, Apple, was … Continue reading Monday’s Autopsy

Weak Snorting


My investment outlook is evolving.  Two months ago, the economic data was unrelentingly bullish.  Now, cracks have appeared (see both ISM reports).  This does NOT suggest the recession that investors fear.  Not all recessions are created equal. The stock market has been propelled over the past year or so by rapidly rising corporate earnings (EPS).  … Continue reading Weak Snorting

Busybody Advisors


You should always shower and brush your teeth.  You should always respect your elders and do your homework.  And, you should always get a professional financial plan designed exclusively for you and then follow every detail. While I am a Certified Financial Planner professional, I haven’t prepared a written “financial plan” in years.  My initial … Continue reading Busybody Advisors

What’s Wrong With Young People?


My parents were part of the “Greatest Generation” and had a rather low opinion of my generation of “baby boomers.”  We were a bunch of dirty, long-haired, pot-smoking, commie-hippies who were too self-involved to love our country.  Of course, that was before we got jobs, babies, and mortgages.  Now, we-boomers look down our boomer-noses at … Continue reading What’s Wrong With Young People?

Good News = Bad News


The Bureau of Labor Statistics issues their monthly “Jobs Report” on the first Friday of each month.  It is arguably the most watched report on Wall Street.  Today, before it was released, Dow futures indicated it would open up 250 points.  As soon as the report was issued, it dropped to 180 points. It was … Continue reading Good News = Bad News

And, The Beat Goes On


It takes hip boots to wade through the governmental reports issued each day.  In one obscure report by the Treasury Department on Monday, they estimated that they will have to issue bonds (or take on debt) at a faster pace.  The debt to be issued in FY 2019 is 17% more than FY 2018 but … Continue reading And, The Beat Goes On