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2019 Wish


I firmly believe there are just as many nice people in the Republican party as the Democratic party.  Conversely, I firmly believe there are just as many jerks in the Democratic party as the Republican party.  But, they live and work in parallel universes.  So do their families.

My 2019 wish is for the partisan “leaders” in Congress to require some minimal human integration of their members.  For example, how about requiring each Republican to have lunch with a Democrat each month and vice versa.  How about requiring one dinner per quarter, preferably with families.  Anything to break out of their partisan cocoons!

Such a requirement was not necessary before Newt Gingrich banned fraternization between the two parties in 1981.  Hyper-partisanship has been rising every since then.

How hard could this be?  After all, nobody is being asked to stop a bullet!  Oh, yeah . . . there are jerks in both parties!


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