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24/7 Pollution


When we returned to Virginia Beach, we were looking for a church home and visited several.  During one visit, we stood up in the middle of the church service and simply walked out.  The pastor started telling church members how to vote.  While I defend his right of free speech, my value system does not permit religion and politics to mix.

When I watch a football game, I like to focus on the sport and don’t care about somebody’s political opinion.  While I defend the right of any rich quarterback to sit on his butt during the National Anthem, I wonder what manners his mother taught him.  My value system does not permit sports and politics to mix.

Last weekend, Virginia Beach held its annual Neptune Festival, including its famous sandcastle competition.  Naturally, somebody had to exercise their right of free speech by creating a political sand sculpture.  The good news is that the officials removed it, but the bad news is that the partisans feel persecuted because it was removed.  My value system does not permit beach festivals and politics to mix.

Go down to city hall and stand on a soapbox to force-feed your political opinions on other people, if you must.  My value system does not permit good manners and politics to mix.

Is there no escape?

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