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A Chilly Similarity ?


My father likes to watch educational, non-fiction DVDs about World War II, which I order and often preview for him.  Last weekend, I watched the two-disc set of Apocalypse Hitler.  The first disc detailed the childhood and early adult years of Hitler.  It was interesting to me that he was such a “Mommie’s Boy” and that his much younger niece killed herself to escape living with him.

The second disc, however, was more educational.  It detailed his rise to power.  He was obviously a great political strategist, as well as a great orator.  There was one speech in particular that gave me chills.  He gave it during the election campaign and warned of the evils of compromise — pronouncing it a sell-out of the people and their values.  Compromise corrupts!  He promised there would be no compromise once he was elected.

Does that remind you of any current political party or partisan?

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