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A Day of Thanksgiving


Yes, I am thankful today . . . thankful for my good health and good fortune.  I’m very thankful for both my blood-related and business-related families.  They show me the reason for my work everyday!  I’m also thankful to live in such a great country, where freedom of religion is guaranteed.

(I am especially thankful this particular morning that the European stock markets have stabilized and are not crashing, when the U.S. stock market is closed!)

But, thankfulness and forgiveness are not the same thing.  Since there is no Day of Forgiveness, we should do both today.  Therefore, I forgive all those who did hurtful things this year . . . except those elected children who serve in Congress, especially those who failed us on the SuperCommittee. 

And, thank you for taking your time to read my thoughts!

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