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A Non-Binary Suggestion?

For years, I have cautioned my Democratic friends that the immigration issue was a cancer on the Democratic party, and because my Republican friends belong to the Party of No, there has been no hope of any compromise, at least not since Newt Gingrich was Speaker.

Democrats view immigrants as human beings to be cared for, which requires a “comprehensive” solution, including housing, healthcare, education, etc. Republicans view immigrants as an assortment of families, drug dealers, criminals and others who just need to stay on their side of The Trump Wall. As is normal, both parties simply blame the other party, preventing any solution. Besides, the immigration problem is the single biggest fund-raising issue for Republicans, even better than the election fraud nonsense.

A binary choice between a Republican solution and a Democratic solution will never provide an actionable solution. Early non=binary brainstorming considered more private-sector involvement. For example, since the largest employers of non-skilled labor are the restaurant industry and the construction industry, it was suggested that the construction industry handle all immigrants crossing at El Paso and the restaurant industry handle those crossing at Eagle Pass. Because this smacks of slavery, this approach was not taken seriously, which is unfortunate. Regulation would be difficult but certainly not impossible.

Organized religion is also a huge industry that pays no taxes. Currently, some small percentage of their revenue is dedicated to human services. Maybe, Congress could authorize an extra deduction for contributions to organized religion, say a $150 tax deduction for a $100 contribution. Republicans would never vote against enhanced tax benefits for religious institutions, and Democrats could easily see the enhanced cash benefits for immigrants and other poor people. Of course, some religion institutions would use the increased contributions foolishly, like jets for preachers(?), but new disclosure requirements would reveal that pretty quickly, and I’m sure the media would not be shy about mentioning that. While there would be some reduction in government revenue, due to the increased deductions, the cost would be far less that border operations are costing us now.

Former President Trump once asked about digging a canal for alligators alongside his Wall. Of course, that was immediately ridiculed and dismissed, but give him credit for thinking outside the binary box! He knew that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats, together or alone, could fix the immigration problem! We need third parties . . . not alligators.