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A Plea for Healing


Bernice King once said “In my view, it was no accident that Nelson Mandela was chosen by God to lead the people of South Africa. There are very few people who could be imprisoned, kept away from their family and loved ones, and exit that same prison with such a powerful spirit of love and a desire for reconciliation.”

When Speaker Pelosi authorized an inquiry into impeachment, I railed against it, comparing it as “Don Quixote running through the halls of Congress.”  It was a pointless exercise, since the Republican Senate was certain to kill it.  While I agree that Donald Trump is not morally qualified to lead Ronald Reagan’s America, removing him is the moral responsibility of the voters, not the elected politicians – especially so close to the election.

Pelosi argues the impeachment is to protect the 2020 election, and I can see the truth of that, but wonder if truth is relevant in a nation of closed minds, drowning in both true and false news.  There are not enough undecided open minds left to stand in line at Starbuck’s.

After his acquittal, my prayer is that President Trump will rise to the occasion with “a powerful spirit of love and a desire for reconciliation.”

Can you heal our national wounds, Mr. President . . . like Nelson Mandela?

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