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A Pox On R’s and D’s


I have voted for Republicans, and I have voted for Democrats, but I’ve never been as disgusted with both as I am right now.

Imagine you’re attending the wake or memorial ceremony for your spouse.  As you’re sitting there, with your head bowed, when someone barges into the sanctuary and screams “it is all your fault”!  Seconds later, someone else barges in, screaming “the doctor killed your spouse” just before some other idiot rushes in, screaming “the police are to blame” with more idiots following.  It never stops . . .  All you wanted to do was to mourn the loss of your spouse, and your serenity was forever stolen by idiots.

Of all our elected leaders, I cannot name a single one who identifies as an atheist.  I think all of them fancy themselves as devote Christians or Jews or something religious.  It is pointless to wish they would act like civilized leaders.  After all, political consultants advise against it.  But, it seems reasonable to me that these devoutly religious “leaders” could shut up just one day each week, like the Holy Day of Sunday, maybe?  Is that asking too much?   Seems like they can trash other Americans enough on six days and don’t need a seventh day?

Nothing brings me to tears faster than the thought of a soldier laying in the dirt as he dies alone.  Can we not mourn the loss of 13 American soldiers in Kabul before trashing ourselves?  Is that asking too much?  Criticize first and grieve second?

R’s and D’s make me sick!

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