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A Thug By Any Other Name . . .

First, The Wall Street Journal tells me that Google is violating its own Privacy Policy and sharing information on users.  As I value my privacy and that of others, I felt violated.

Next, I cannot access my blog, which I have written for years.  I learn that I must download Google’s new browser, Chrome, in order to access my own blog.  Surrendering to The Thug, I paid their extortion demand and did so, even though I was satisfied with whatever browser I had.

At this point, I do not know if this post will appear on my blog or not.  I don’t know if past blog postings are still available or not.

Of course, in a theoretical world, I could have refused to pay the ransom to access my own blog and NOT download whatever Google wanted me to download.   Of course, this is the real world, where a Thug by any other name is still a Thug!

At this point, I do know that Google has also violated its own motto of “Do No Evil.”