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A Time for Respect . . . or Allegiance ?

Senator Bob Dole was a great American!
He was a genuine war hero and a lion of the Senate.
It would have been an honor to salute the man!

I wanted to watch his funeral on TV and scheduled my exercise that day, so I could watch it while on the treadmill.
When I got to the gym, I took the treadmill in front of the TV showing the funeral service.
Soon, a good friend got there and took the treadmill next to mine.

A few minutes later, he said “Dole was a great man, wasn’t he?”
I replied that I really loved the guy.
He asked “Then why are you watching CNN?”
Huh . . . ?
Politely, he asked if we could watch it on Fox News instead?
Too stunned to believe it mattered, I said “sure.”

Are we really at the point where showing respect for a person is less important than showing respect for a TV channel?

Senator Dole deserves non-partisan respect!