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A Too-Quick Two Years


As a teenager, one of my role models was “Mr. Spock” of the TV series Star Trek.  He tried to lead an emotion-free life.  As silly as it sounds, I thought of him often when serving in the Army.  The facts are facts, and emotions are emotions, and never the twain shall meet — works better in theory than in practice.

It was two years ago today that my Mother died, and I still think about her frequently.   Every single day, in fact.  But, time spent remembering her is time NOT spent studying the latest financial planning techniques or breaking stock market data.  It is illogical, as Mr. Spock would say, to spend time on non-productive activities, like remembering your Mother.

While time spent remembering her kindness or her sly little grin produces no revenue, it does help me to understand my clients.  There is more to financial planning than the latest technique.  Many times, I have seen clients do absolutely illogical things — illogical to me but consistent with their own family dynamics or their own moral code.  My job is to help them understand that pure logic is not controlling their decision, but then help them execute whatever decision they make, whatever is logical to them.

While I can try to keep my emotions in a tidy little box, it is illogical and unfair to expect others to do the same.  My job is to help them work with these emotions/demons as logically as possible.  Remembering my Mother helps me do my job.

Thanks, Mom!

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