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A Treatable Disease ??


Among my holiday reading was Lifespan:  Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To” by Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard.  He argues convincingly that “aging is a disease, and that disease is treatable.”  It is profound book, given to me by a good friend, and it is laced with one medical discovery after another – some of which exceeded my ability to appreciate.  One takeaway is the wide scope of research being done.  (I had a staff member in 1986, whose wife did medical research in Dallas.  She told me if I lived to the year 2000, I’d live to age 100.  I did my part and now hope she’s right.)  The point is there is more research going on, in more places, and for longer than you realize.  Be thankful!

Another takeaway is how much resistance this kind of research has encountered.  Many people believe efforts to stop or even slow aging is unnatural and hindering the process created by God, which I simply reject.  In fact, I will make it a New Year’s Resolution to identify some way of contributing money directly to medical research.

A minor takeaway is that men outgrow or age-out of the old platitude that “real men don’t cry.”  Apparently, that platitude is unhealthy. Interesting!

Dr. Sinclair is a medical researcher, not a medical doctor.  He offers no medical advice to his readers, although there is frequent, positive mention of a supplement called NMN, which I just ordered.  I am grateful to Dr. Sinclair for championing this research for the benefit of all mankind, and I am grateful to my friend for giving me this book!

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