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Both Republicans and Democrats agree the economy needs additional stimulus but disagree on the amount.  The Republicans believe $1 trillion is enough, while Democrats want no less than $2 trillion.  It should be emphasized that the Republicans think we do need $1 trillion!

Now, the President freely admits he will stop that stimulus if it contains the money needed by the Post Office to assure mail-in ballots can be counted for the general election.  First, the amount of money needed was not determined by a Democrats.  That was the amount determined by the Republican-dominated Postal Commission.  Second, sorting machines for the mail are being removed from service with no explanation other normal “relocation of assets.”  Third, various states have already been notified of delivery delays before the election.

The Wall Street Journal argues that the Post Office needs reform.  Great, but why wasn’t that already done by now?  Great, but why does it make sense now, just before the election?  The integrity of the election is vastly more important than any reorganization of the postal system.

I’m not a lawyer and would appreciate one explaining why it is legal to strangle the vote turnout?  He’s already admitted it!

I’m not a minister and would appreciate one explaining why it is moral to force people to stand in line – for hours – during a pandemic?

So, we’re starving the economy of stimulus that Republicans say we need, just to help the President, who is a RINO?  Where are the millions of good, decent Republicans to stop this?  This is beyond transparent!  It is a slap in the face.

Fox News is right . . . my hair’s on fire . . . and I’m getting new walking shoes to start marching!

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