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And, You Are . . . ?


Long ago, my father told me not to discuss politics or religion, because people take offense so easily.  I cannot ignore politics in my profession, but I never write about religion.  But, sometimes you read something so amusing that it has to be shared.  During a recent sermon, I learned churches and synagogues have too many of the following individuals:

Mrs. Eve Environmentalist, who tells us to be gluten-free, vegan, organic, tree-hugging, hemp clothed, and drive a hybrid.

Mr. Adam America, who tells us to work hard, start-up a business, go from rags-to-riches, honor the flag, do military service, and sing the national anthem.

Mr. Sam Community Service, who tells us we must do social work, pet-adoption, save-a-starving child-in-Africa, and make a difference.

Miss Patty Pious. who tells us we must do church-on-Sunday, prayers-at-night, grace-before-meals, prayer-warriors, and must share-our-testimony.

Mr. Jim Social Justice, who tells us we must march, protest, advocate, resist-the-man, dismantle patriarchy, and fight oppression.

Since there are too many of these individuals, I wonder what type of individuals are too few?

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