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Annual Guilt Trip

Doctors, lawyers, (not Indian Chiefs) and financial advisors all practice in continually changing professions.  Therefore, they are required to get a certain number of continuing education hours each year to maintain their license or certification or registration.  Naturally, an industry has developed to supply those continuing education hours, and it is no small coincidence that conferences providing those educational hours are held in Florida during winter time, because people want to escape the lousy weather.

So, here I sit in Fort Lauderdale, getting ready to take a run, while friends are struggling with a huge winter storm back home.  There is always a choice.  I could spend the next five days studying the latest developments in exchange traded funds, or I could spend that time fighting winter weather. Because I need the continuing education credits, and because I am intellectually curious, and because I am very winter-phobic, I think I’ll stay right here.

Should I feel guilty . . . ??