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Another Unhealthy Addiction


For years, I’ve argued that news is addictive.  It is just like smoking or drinking or illegal drugs .  While there are many non-profit organizations and for-profit companies to treat those traditional addictions, there is nobody to help you with your news addiction.

The news organizations will not help you.  They are NOT in the business of informing watchers.  They are in the business of selling advertising.  The more addicted watchers, the better . . . for them.

You know the news-addict type.  They tend to have a more pessimistic view of life.  They tend to be more high-strung.  They miss the point of much humor.  They may not relish family-time as much anymore.  They do need your understanding and help!

For years, I’ve asked readers to enjoy a news-free day at least once a week.  For myself, I never watch news on Saturdays.  You don’t need to go “cold turkey” and stop watching news, but you do need to regain control over your addiction.

This advice has never been more important than it is today, during this quarantine.  If you now have extra time to watch the news, don’t do it!

Time is more valuable than money — don’t waste it watching the news!

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