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Be It Resolved . . .

When I was a boy or young man and did something stupid, as boys and young men are prone to do, my father would console me with the reminder that “there was only one perfect man, and look what happened to him,” referring to Jesus being crucified.  His point was that being perfect is over-rated and that you can forgive yourself for your mistakes.

On the other hand, my mother insisted that I also learn from my mistakes.  One favorite technique of hers was for me to make New Year’s Resolutions each year to deal with those mistakes and not make the same mistakes again.  “Unless you are already perfect, you always need to work on your imperfections.”

I soon began to think the only reason for New Year’s celebrations was to make New Year’s resolutions.  Yet, that is no longer fashionable, and I wonder why?  Imperfect people are missing a real opportunity!

Over the years, my annual resolutions have become increasingly mundane and boring, but I still make them.  For 2014, I have just two resolutions, i.e., to have my eyes examined and to take a refresher course in econometrics.  It is pretty dull stuff, but they will be done!  New Year’s resolutions will even force the procrastinator to act!

Now, what is your New Year’s resolution?  What . . . you think you’re perfect ??