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Black Sea Alamo

When I lived in Texas, I was both amused and gratified that the Texans still revered the loss of the Alamo and the brave men who died there.  Someday, the people of Ukraine will remember the men of Snake Island.  Believed to have a temple to Achilles, it is less than half a mile square and twenty miles from the Ukraine coast, near the Danube delta.

Like Colonel Travis at the Alamo, who repeatedly begged for reinforcements and additional arms, President Zelensky has been begging for reinforcements and additional arms.   Both were ignored!  The valiant defenders of the Alamo are still regarded as heroes 186 years later . . .  and the valiant defenders of Snake Island deserve the same!

In 1944, the German commander at Bastogne demanded the surrender of American forces, under the command of General Anthony McAuliffe, who famously replied “nuts” to the German commander.  In 2022, a Russian commander demanded the surrender of Ukraine forces on Snake Island, who replied “Go f— yourself”  . . .  just before the Russians killed all of them.

It would be an honor to salute each of those Ukrainian defenders!

God bless them!