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Celebration of Hyperbole


Next Tuesday, I’ll vote in a presidential election for the 13th time.  In every single election, it was described as the most important election in American history.  Yet, after every single election, America survived.

In every single election, my family has advised me that my vote should be for the “lessor of two evils.”  In other words, there has never been a worthy candidate.  Still, America has survived.

The only certain winner will be the media which hypes election season to sell advertising and increase profits.  Election season is a commercial celebration of hyperbole.  America will survive hyperbole, I promise!

So far, only five clients have called me with election anxiety — from four Republicans and one Democrat.  Cable news would therefore argue that 80% of worried Americans are Republicans.  So much hype, so little significance . . .

Months ago, I decided that Saturdays would be my news-free day each week, and I’m so glad I did, because I still have the sanity to know that America will survive this election!

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