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Clash of Rights


Colin Kaepernick was a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers football team last year when he decided to remain seated or “take a knee” during the national anthem.  I condemned that action by a wealthy player, whose only experience with uniforms was the sports-type.  However, at no point have I questioned his right to free speech  — but is no place safe from serious subjects?  Is there no place I can go where that I can be free of every quack’s opinion?  That’s the purpose of the public square, whether newspapers, television, or dirt in front of the courthouse.  Do your demonstrating there!

You cannot demonstrate in the middle of the street for safety reasons.  Likewise, you cannot scream “fire” in a crowded theater for the same reason, but a demonstrator can follow you into a public restroom and stand outside the stall to convince you they are victimized.  That is their right, sorry about your privacy.  Some sports stadiums are publicly-owned and some are privately-owned.  All are subject to the right to free speech of anybody feeling aggrieved for any thing.  Even churches are subject to demonstrations.  What about those crazy Baptists from Kansas who demonstrate at the funerals of our fallen heroes?  Does their right to free speech override the wishes of the dead soldier’s family.  Unfortunately, yes.  Does their right to free speech override my enjoyment — at all times and in all places?

What is wrong with enjoying a simple sporting event, or must we wait until absolutely no American is feeling aggrieved or victimized . . . about anything?  Football is one of my guilty pleasures.  Is it wrong to enjoy it without a painful reminder that my country is racist?

I will defend to the death your right to free speech  . . . but not everywhere.  

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