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Concede . . . Please!


The mass media is mildly annoyed by privacy but is enraged by secrets.  We could not even keep the atomic bomb secret.  Now, we are asked to believe that many Democrats in many states conspired to defraud American voters.  I’m not saying Democrats are “above” that sort of thing, because neither Democrats nor Republicans are smart enough or organized enough to coordinate a multi-state fraud . . . and then keep it secret.  The mass media would sniff it out immediately.

Of course, there will always be errors, especially when 145 million votes are being counted.  A dead person here or a double voter there.  “Counter-bees” are human and will make mistakes.  Some even answer their cell phones to check on their kids.  But, that is not a vast left-wing controversary.

Conspiracy theories are a crutch for the weak mind, and it is not just a Republican trait to believe in conspiracy theories, as the Democrats even saw a conspiracy in the Post Office.

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