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Conflated . . .


When closely-related but different subjects are conflated, heated arguments are not uncommon.

A week or so ago, there was a heated kerfluffle about voting and the Post Office.  My Republican friends became very animated, because others don’t see the problem of illegal voting as a big problem.  My Democratic friends became very animated, because others don’t see the problem of voter suppression as a big problem.  Unfortunately, when you cannot debate the same subject, you cannot find agreement.

Personally, I was surprised at the President’s honesty, when he freely admitted that he was withholding economic aid to the economy, by withholding aid that the Republican-dominated Post Office Commission said was necessary to ensure a fair election.  Even worse, I was appalled at his thinly-veiled attempts to destroy the integrity of the election process, something no reputable candidate has ever done.  Even when George Bush and Al Gore were litigating the 2000 election, neither ever impugned the moral integrity of the process. Then again, some people have more class than others . . .

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