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Dear Santa,


All I want for Christmas . . . is an end to all this impeachment coverage on the news.  Of course, it is important, but it is not the only important news.  Whatever happened to the Kurds?  Why did the French president call NATO “brain-dead”?  Why has the Russian economy NOT collapsed?  Is there life after BREXIT?  Did you hear they discovered a new strain of HIV?  How about the 31% of teenagers who are too obese for military service?

Besides, impeachment is bad for the nation!  While I would love to see Mr. Trump resign from office, an election should not be overturned, except by the 25th Amendment, which is quicker and less vitriolic.  Partisan fervor is burning hot enough and doesn’t need the gasoline of an impeachment.

Fortunately, Wall Street doesn’t care about impeachment.  It only cares about the trade war and corporate earnings.  That’s why I hide from impeachment overdose by watching CNBC.

So, Santa – if you can’t do that, please reincarnate Dwight Eisenhower and Walter Cronkite . . . please!

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