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Death, Taxes and ….


I listened to an interesting lecture yesterday.  Some laws of nature are immutable.  Water runs downhill.  Moths are attracted to lights, and poor people are attracted to wealth.

Just as certain as death and taxes, there will be immigration.  Reflecting Paul Erlich’s iconic 1970’s The Population Bomb, the speaker predicted social chaos by 2030 or just twelve years hence.

Unfortunately, rich women don’t have kids, but poor ones do and lots of them.  The largest growth continues to be in Africa.  (This is especially bad for Europe, due to proximity.)

Existing populations don’t like immigration and are electing right-wing populists worldwide, to stem the invasion of poor people.  Immigration has shifted the political center to the right.  Not even Fortress America will be able to build walls tall enough or fast enough to stem the tide of miserable humans attracted to be light.

I have long argued we should carpet-bomb the world with condoms, which would benefit the U.S. by giving us more time to build more walls or slow down the inevitable in some other fashion.

Being mean-spirited to miserable people is better than nothing, I guess, but that is a very poor beginning indeed.  Just as the Russians interfere with our elections, maybe we should interfere with the family-planning programs inside poor countries?

The easiest and cheapest way to deal with “the great unwashed masses” is BEFORE they are born!

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