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Definitions Matter

Webster’s Dictionary has four definitions for the word – truth.  Apparently, there should be a fifth definition — that truth is the opposite of fake truth . . . huh?

Rudy Giuliani tells us that “truth isn’t truth” if based on different facts.  Just like there is fake news and non-fake news, there must be fake facts and non-fake facts.  If non-fake facts lead us to truth, then fake facts lead us to fake truth . . . huh?  Doesn’t fake truth equal falsehood?  No, it is just an alternative truth?

It may not be overly-cynical to say politics is full of fake truths, and now Giuliani tells us that the law is no better.  I understand the need to respect the justice system, but do we need to respect the legal system?  There is a difference.

Yes, all this word-play makes my head hurt, but it is important.  If there is fake truth, it there also fake faith?  If my religious faith or spiritual beliefs are different from your faith, does that mean one of them is fake.  Try telling someone their faith is fake.  Go ahead, just try!

Remember your early days in science when you were taught the “scientific method?”  Anything not proven to be a fact by the scientific method was deemed an element of faith and therefore not to be trusted.  If what you know may be fake and if what you believe may be fake, then does anything matter . . . anything at all?