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deju vu


It has been almost a year since I predicted that President Trump would be impeached.  That prediction was not made with any glee, as impeachments are painful for America and disturbing for the stock market.  However, like all predictions, it is framed by certain experiences.

First, at one time I was a division president in a huge real estate company, running the public syndication of properties.  I know the real estate industry has lots of hidden fees, markups, and conflicts of interest that are never disclosed.  (The fiduciary standard of registered investment advisors definitely does NOT apply.)  There are also lots of perfectly legal transactions that simply “smell funny.”

Second, my late mother must have told me a thousand times that “if you can’t say something nice about somebody else, then shut up.”  Attacking people is no way to make friends you may need later.  You may have a wide selection of “friends,” but most of those friendships will only be an inch deep.

Third, I could never understand how Kenneth Starr spent $80 million investigating a failed real estate venture in Arkansas before finally catching a man with a strident wife lying about a frivolous sex act.  Yet, when I met him in 2002, I found that Starr was a surprisingly decent, honorable man.

So,  how could any real estate developer with many supporters but few friends escape an indictment by a special investigator?

I don’t care if Mueller finds Trump was involved to some sleazy real estate deals, as I just take that for granted.  The regular justice system should deal with that.  What I care about is any potential “special” relationship between Trump and Putin!  Any other findings are just as irrelevant to me as Clinton’s sex life.

Mr Mueller, I’m confident, is also a decent honorable man, but I hope he can stay better focused than Mr Starr.  Answer the question:  Was there any collusion with Russians or other foreign nationals in the Trump campaign or not?  If not, go home!

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