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Discipline 007, Discipline

That’s a line from the iconic 1964 movie “Goldfinger.”

My work of shepherding the assets of others requires me to watch financial networks, like CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.  During a crisis, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is tempting to take advantage of CNN’s superior international coverage, but I don’t recommend that.  That just encourages hysteria.  Stay focused!

At this hour, it looks like the Dow will lose about 800 points at the open.  Big deal – that’s barely 2%.  This is NOT the end of the world!  The Russian stock exchange is dropping a whopping 30%!  The dollar is soaring, while the Russian ruble is tanking.  It is often joked that Russian doesn’t have an economy, because it is just a gas station.  It will take more than $100/bbl oil to build a real economy.  Can the Russian people really afford this war?  No!

The U.S. stock market is not dying . . . it’s holding a sale!

The Russian stock market . . . R.I.P. ?

If you just want to worry, then worry about China taking this opportunity to seize Taiwan . . . dropping the U.S. stock market another thousand points or so.