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Drum Roll,Please

It is always amusing to see which blog posts were most popular during the year.  For 2016, the third most popular was “The Lehman Line” on October 22nd, when I worried about the probability of Deutsche Bank posing a systemic risk to our financial system.

The second most popular was “The Only Game in Town” on May 19th, when I explained why the stock market had been over-reacting so violently to anything and everything the Fed says.

Finally – drum roll, please – the most popular blog post of 2016 was “National Sock Day” on July 3rd, when I asked everyone to pull a dirty sock out of their dirty clothes hamper and carry it in their pocket until somebody bad-mouthed America on Independence Day and then stuff it into their mouth, explaining we already have 364 days to be negative.

Maybe, the lesson is that a little tongue-in-check humor is more needed than more serious discussion.