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DUMB News !


Yesterday, Venezuela was circling the drain.  Britain was tiptoeing to the precipice of Brexit.  Putin threatened the U.S. if we put missiles in Europe.  Trump continued to push China on Trade.  Italy moved closer to bankruptcy.  Genocide continued  in Myanmar.  And, so on . . .

So, why did the media focus on some TV actor who staged his own assault, because he felt underpaid at $65,000 per episode?  For example, the opening six minutes of ABC News was about this wholly unimportant kid.  Please!  That’s not FAKE NEWS.  That’s DUMB NEWS.  (Did you know that brain-rot begins after a mere five minutes.)

I guess celebrity news is a bubble-gum release from the real problems?  But, must we elevate celebrity news to serious news?  There are already TV shows that focus on celebrity gossip.  Must they invade serious news?

The answer is – do whatever the advertisers demand!  If bubble-gum brings eyeballs to the commercials, bring on the bubble-gum . . .

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