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Election Day . . . Finally!


In this world of 24/7 cable news, which spin the news as well as report the news, it is easy to become both confused and depressed. Therefore, I recommend a disinterested foreign perspective to balance the right-wing Fox News and the left-wing MSNBC. Religiously, I read The Economist, a newsweekly magazine from England and recommend it.

Sometimes, it is helpful to read things like this, which appears on page 11 of the current issue: “Despite its problems, American has far more going for it than its current mood suggests. It is still the most innovative economy on earth, the place where the world’s greatest universities meet the world’s deepest pockets. Its demography is favourable, with a high birth rate and limitless space into which to expand. It has a flexible and hard-working labour forces. Its ultra-low bond yields are a sign that the world’s investors still think it a good long-term bet. The most enterprising individuals on earth still clamour to come to America.”

Too bad politicians never remind us of anything good about America . . . but, if they did, would we even listen? Have we become programmed to process only negative news? The nation that made the world safe for democracy, put a man on the moon, and still is all the things cited above . . . simply deserves better!

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