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Emotional Distance

Do you remember when the first love of your life dumped you?  Do you remember the first time you were disappointed in your child?  Do you remember the first time when you actually realized that you were beating yourself up . . . over something somebody else did?  Do you remember how disappointed you were — the first time — that your favorite politician lost the race?

This is my 16th Presidential election.  Every single one has been described as “the most important election of our lifetime” or this century or in all of history or something.  They can’t all be right!  It is exciting to live in exciting times, but we don’t need to make it TOO exciting . . . by becoming emotionally involved.  One of the most important and most difficult jobs of an investment advisor is to remain emotionally un-involved.  Like they used to say on the 1950s TV show Dragnet . . . “just the facts, ma’am!”

Nothing makes the SEC more upset than an investment advisor making guaranties.  Nonetheless, this investment advisor is making this guarantee . . . no matter who wins the election next Tuesday, the sun will come up the next day, and America will survive.

For now, it is time to start draining the emotions out of this election.  No matter who wins next week, have a glass of wine and move on.  Maybe, you should just start planning your New Year’s Resolution??

Still, don’t forget what Martin Luther King once said . . . “we must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”