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Emptying the tank . . .

Philosophers debate whether people have an infinite capacity for emotion or merely a finite capacity.  Clearly, some people feel more emotion longer and more strongly than other people.  However, most philosophers will agree that existentialists have a smaller capacity than most.  If that is the case, then emotion becomes “a terrible thing to waste.”

It is probably then a waste of emotion to spend it on anger, but that is what I feel about the Boston Marathon tragedy.  So many good and decent people killed and maimed by some lunatic!

Of course, a society is judged by the mercy it shows . . . or so some people think.  I do not!

Capital punishment is too good for this lunatic.  If it was a foreign terrorist, he should be publicly executed on television.  If it was a domestic terrorist, he should also be publicly executed on television.  Showing compassion for the insane, if he was merely a crazy American killer, he should be privately executed off-camera.  There can be no circumstance that Americans should provide this guy with free room & board plus health care the rest of his life.

Yes, I know the Bible says we should “turn the other cheek” and forgive.  But, that is the same Bible that says “an eye for an eye.”  Frankly, justice demands more, but execution is enough.  Some advocate that the lunatic be locked into a room with the surviving family members.  That would be real justice.

Okay, that’s all the emotion I can spare for anger . . . my tank is getting empty.  I may need to feel some other emotions today or tomorrow?