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Enough Drama ?


If President Trump is reelected, my Democratic friends will find that as proof of our continuing systemic racism.  If President Trump is defeated, my Republican friends will blame it on the media.

Niall Ferguson is a brilliant, widely-respected, Scottish-born conservative, who is a professor of history at Stanford and has authored numerous excellent books.  Personally, I find him less than affable, and I suspect he may have even less modesty than the President?    However, he was also one of the few who predicted Trump’s victory in 2016.  In this election cycle, he cites his nine favorite clues, such as increased gun sales, increased reluctance of conservatives to talk with pollsters, and so forth, which suggest Trump could be reelected,but these clues are being overwhelmed by our human need for normalcy.

Interestingly, he said populists like Trump normally create too much drama to survive long.  Does that mean his time is up?

So, does this election turn on the issue of taxes or the national debt?
Or, does this election turn on the issue of the pandemic and disaster relief?
Or, does this election turn on the issue of race or healthcare or the Supreme court or foreign policy?

Or, is our choice between a placid Joe Biden or four more years of drama and chaos under Trump?

Dr. Ferguson is not happy about it but thinks “sleepy Joe” is the answer.



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