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Everything is Relative


For almost eight months, from September of 1940 until May of 1941, the German Luftwaffe bombed London 71 times, dropping 18,000 tons of high explosives.  Thirty thousand civilians were killed and another fifty thousand were wounded.  Tens of thousand buildings were destroyed, and hundreds of thousand people were homeless.  They lived in the rubble without electricity or water or a predictable food supply for months.  Yet, they survived!

I may have to spend three months, from March of 2020 until June of 2020, hibernating in my safe, comfortably-appointed home with electricity, water, and a predictable food supply.  It is not exactly a hardship tour (except my wife really wants to get her nails done).  After what the poor Londoners experienced in World War II, I feel rather silly . . . and hope you do too!  We will also survive!

We shall not complain . . .
We shall not complain . . .
We shall not complain . . .

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