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Fair and Balanced


Republicans and Democrats make lousy financial advisors.  However, MODERATE Republicans and MODERATE Democrats make excellent financial advisors, but they are tough to find.  That’s why it is necessary to say something NEGATIVE about a politician before saying anything POSITIVE.

NEGATIVE:  Neither President Biden nor the Democratic Party have any clue, much less any understanding, of the crisis on the southern border.  It is too easy to merely blame it on some type of racism.  This will explode soon and doom his re-election.

POSITIVE:  President Biden does not deserve all the blame for inflation.  After the Supreme Court ruled years ago against “impounding” funds approved by Congress, there is very little any President can do.  Although the Covid-relief bills were somewhat inflationary, it was better to spend too much than too little in that battle.  Lastly, he does not control the Fed, who DOES have direct responsibility for inflation.

Vote against the President for the lack of border security, if you like, but it is unfair to vote against him for inflation.

Was that “fair and balanced”?

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