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First Guest Blogger


Most blogs allow for readers to post their comments and react to whatever the blogger wrote.  This blog does not permit that . . . and for a very good reason — securities regulators are like traffic police, i.e., they are humor impaired.

If a client responded to something I wrote with a kind word, I would be in trouble with the regulators for allowing what they call a “testimonial.”  Therefore, nobody is allowed to respond to this blog.  However, that doesn’t stop clients from emailing me directly.

I received one yesterday that I thought was interesting and, with his permission, am doing a copy/paste of his email into this blog today.  (Because he doesn’t mention me, I am permitted to publish it, but not his name.)  Therefore, please welcome our first guest blogger!


For years, I considered myself Independent.  I favored neither the ideology of the right or the left. I am very much toward the center.  I believed that there were good people on both sides and adjusted my vote accordingly.

Today, I tune out the rhetoric.  The TV ads are assigned to my internal SPAM folder.  Being results oriented, I look at what has happened.

In 2008 this country was bleeding jobs by the hundreds of thousand, home prices were in free-fall. 

Foreclosures were the headlines, and the country was bleeding money, as well as precious lives in two drawn-out wars.

Our foreign relations were in the tank, and our respect overseas was negative.

Starting three years ago, we began seeing positive employment figures.  Now we are often seeing hundreds of thousand of jobs being created every month.  IRA’s, which tanked in 2009 with the DJIA at 6500, have now recovered with the DJIA above 13,000.  Three years ago, we saw home prices start to slow their drop.  Today, we read of home shortages, as well as increased home sales — with home prices rising! Three years ago, our malls and highways were empty. Our entertainment destinations also. Not so today.

Today, our Government is respected throughout the world.  Our foreign policy is one of our strong points.  We have greatly reduced the financial drain by pulling out of Iraq and are now disengaging from Afghanistan.  Our exports are recovering nicely, especially compared to the rest of the world whose exports are decreasing.  Manufacturing jobs are returning to the United States. Amazingly, Honda is increasing production of vehicles in the United States for export!  We are becoming energy independent with new enormous oil and gas reserves and with an emerging alternate energy industry. Highways are jammed, destinations are very busy.

This is a remarkable recovery in four years. Particularly remarkable since the present administration has had to accomplish this against the continuous objections, roadblocks and active obstructions of the opposing party. Their Legislators have publicly stated, contrary to their oath of office, that their primary mission in the legislature is to deny the just elected President another term.  Result: greatly slower than necessary recovery.

No amount of rhetoric or false facts can refute the obvious. The choice is between the successful and the obstructionists.  I choose the Successful.

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