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Flip A Coin ?


Do you remember the “great dress controversy” in 2015 when a dress appeared to be two different colors.  My wife and I sat next to each other and looked at the dress on TV.  We saw the same dress but each of us saw it in a different color.  I thought it was blue & black.  She thought it was white & gold.  We looked at each other, saying “are you blind?”

The discussion of the Trump Wall reminds me of that dress controversy.  People can look at the same facts, see different conclusions, and accuse the other of being blind.

Unfortunately, it is a binary choice, meaning there are only two possibilities — yes or no, right or wrong, good or bad, win or lose.  Everybody saw the dress as either blue & black or white & gold.  Nobody saw it as any other color.  A binary choice doesn’t allow any room for compromise, only win or lose.

I don’t know if it was brilliant or stupid to shutdown the government over a binary choice — only one line in a long list of expenditures.  I don’t know how America’s toughest woman and America’s biggest egomaniac will ever compromise.


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