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Getting Tiresome

It takes very little to convince Democrats that the President is racist. 
It takes even less for the Republicans to blame it all on the media.

The President’s recent comment on which immigrants should be allowed was, in the words of Speaker Ryan, unfortunate and unhelpful.  My first thought is that Trump’s alleged comment has given license to the media to grovel for viewers by repeating the curse word over-and-over again.  The repetitive media can now seem “edgy” with simply cursing.  As a veteran, I have heard and used every curse word many times.  It doesn’t offend me.  But, it is just stupid and unseemly to repeat them over-and-over again just to appear edgy, regardless of any license given by the President.

My other thought is that, while I do suspect the President is bigoted,  I’m not convinced he is racist.  Prejudice extends to many forms of bigotry besides racism.  I could more easily be convinced he is bigoted about poor people, regardless of color, recalling that he questioned the Vice President’s job qualification because he only made $200 thousand annually.  His rhetorical question might be recast as:  “Why do we need more people from poor countries?  People from rich countries like Norway are more likely to bring more skills that America needs.”

Once an egocentric egomaniac, always an egocentric egomaniac . . .