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Going To Extremes


I was raised as an Eisenhower Republican, i.e., distrustful of both big government AND big business, as well as deeply suspicious of foreign entanglements.  (Undoubtedly, the latter has fueled my lifelong interest in globalization.)

On Monday, I gladly attended a fundraiser for George Allen, whom I have supported in the past.  However, it was not about him.  It was not about his opponent.  It was all about Obama.

At the reception preceding the luncheon, I was talking with another candidate for a different office and asked him what he thought might reduce the damage to the economy from the intractable housing crisis.  His only response was to get rid of Obama.  I pushed by asking what should be done after Obama is then out-of-office, and he responded by “putting Republicans into decision-making roles.”  He had no better ideas.

At what point does principled end and obsessed begin?

Can you remember when elections were a battle of ideas, not a clash of cults demonizing the opposition?  It has been 51 years since Eisenhower left the presidency, and I think he would be profoundly disappointed with the big-party politics of today.  Maybe, that is the reason  . . . I STILL like Ike!

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