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Good Riddance!


A gun lover is NOT the same thing as a gun-nut.  I have had guns since I was a boy and am not sure how many guns I have today.  After the Army, I even joined the National Rifle Association for a few years.  In those days, it was primarily an interest group and sponsored gun-safety training.  I actually taught a few classes in Texas.  They even held family affairs, including “turkey shoots” which were fun.

Somewhere along the way, the NRA changed from an interest group to powerful political lobbyists.  They were single-issue purists with no capacity for reason in a changing America.  For years, there have been rumors of financial mismanagement, which has now been documented.

Since the NRA is chartered in New York state, the state Attorney General has launched an effort to “dissolve” the organization, which I support and salute.  The NRA needs to be destroyed . . . now!

There are now newer interest-groups for gun-lovers, that sponsor gun-safety.  The gun-nuts will eventually find another radical-weird organization for themselves.  Go!

RIP — vile, disgusting NRA !

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