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Happy Thanksgiving!


I was not captain of my high school football team, nor did I ever date a cheerleader.  Long ago, I accepted the reality that I would never be President of the United States, nor even an Army general.  That was fine for me but is not fine for many other people, unfortunately.

Wellschmerz is the German word for that emotional problem that develops when one realizes they will never reach their life goals.  It is more common in males and can be very debilitating.  Not infrequently, it leads to suicide.

Apparently, psychologists believe the cause was obviously unrealistic goals and that only the passage of time will solve the problem of Wellschmerz, but that time can be shortened considerably, by remembering a half-empty glass is still half-full and being grateful for the half-full.  It is important to be thankful for the half-full glass every day.  To all sufferers of Wellschmerz, our American Thanksgiving should be your reminder . . . to be thankful for something every single day!

Numerous studies have shown that being grateful provides a positive impact both in the workplace and in relationships.  Famously temperamental Mark Zuckerberg challenged himself to write a thank-you to a different person each and every day of 2014.

Can you write a thank-you note to any single person TODAY?


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