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Here, Here . . . Mr. President


1.  Call me shallow, but I enjoy watching NFL football games.
2.  Color me patriotic, but I think the First Amendment is fundamental and is actually worth defending.
3.  Paint me pointy-headed, but I believe race relations are still incredibly and inexcusably poor.
4.  Thus, I defend the right of NFL players or anybody else to protest the poor state of race relations in this country.
5.  Still, I am disgusted by the protest of NLF players during the National Anthem!
6.  Are race relations damaged by the warm flush of pride I feel during the National Anthem?
7.  Must every event be protested?  Can I protest at your church service?  Can  I protest at your daughter’s wedding?  Can I protest in a traffic intersection during rush hour?  Can I protest at your parent’s funeral?  Is nothing sacred?  Nothing at all?
8.  You don’t have to respect the flag, but you don’t have to disrespect it either.  Excuse yourself if you must disrespect it!
9.  I agree with the President that protests during the National Anthem are inappropriate and tasteless.
10.  Maybe, such protests are not illegal, but that doesn’t mean they are not inappropriate and tasteless.
11.  Maximizing the media coverage of your protest does NOT make such protest any less inappropriate and tasteless.
12.  Go protest at a police station or in a park – STOP offending the voters who are sympathetic to your cause!
13.  It’s just dumb . . .



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