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Hotels and Humans


I’ve had the good fortune to stay in four & five star hotels in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.  Of course, there are always favorite hotels  One of mine has been the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood. FL.  Fifteen years ago, I described it as one of the best hotels in the world.  It was a great hotel in an architecturally stunning building.  Today, it is a sad reminder of what was – very sad.

Like the phases of dying, I felt shock, disbelief, and anger.  How could a hotel this bad exist in a building this good?

But, don’t we all live in glass houses, unable to cast the first stone?  I am not in the same physical condition as I was fifteen years ago.  I don’t look as good either.  Significant renovation or replacement would certainly help both of us.  Also, just like the staff of aging hotels like the Diplomat, I suspect my advancing age  makes me more indifferent to other human beings.

Instead of being disappointed with the aging of great hotels, now I can appreciate the company, as we age together.  People and hotels can age gracefully, but I will not do my aging at the Diplomat.

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