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I am thankful . . .


. . . for the gift of living in a great country, which it still is.

. . . for the military, which preserves our opportunity to be great.

. . . for the constitutional right of privacy, if there is any left.

. . .  for freedom of religion, if not freedom from religion.

. . . for the economic system of capitalism, despite its often cruel shortcomings.

. . .  for the political system of democracy, even when tortured by partisanship.

. . . for Republicans, at least those who vote for increases in tax revenue.

. . . for Democrats, at least those who vote for decreases in entitlement spending.

. . . for economists, who valiantly try to perfect their imperfect art.

. . . for stock markets, which allocate capital from the least productive to the most, theoretically.

. . . for great ideals, which must struggle in a world of flawed humans.

. . . for my clients and friends, who are also my family.

. . . for a day when we remember our blessings . . . now, what are yours?

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