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I disagree . . . therefore, I am !


According to Wikipedia, an iconoclast is “one who attacks cherished beliefs.”

Aaron Rogers is one of the all-time great football quarterbacks.  He describes himself as a critical thinker.  I would describe him as a mere iconoclast.

If I spent the rest of my life studying football 24/7, I would not know 1% of what he knows about football.  However, I doubt if he knows much about epidemiology.

I have spent the majority of my adult life studying economics and probably know at least 1% as much as any Noble-Prize-winning economist . . . but I know nothing about epidemiology.

In my extended family, there is a surly 65-year-old iconoclast who has never agreed with anyone in his whole life.

“I disagree . . . therefore, I am.”


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