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I Was Wrong


It was March 21, 2017 that I predicted Donald Trump would not serve a full 4-year term.  I didn’t expect him to leave by impeachment, but by resignation, like Richard Nixon.  That opinion reflected the thinness of his skin, but I was wrong.  Constant attack normally encourages resignation.  However, the chaos around him only seems to encourage him.  If our electorate was calm and peaceful, he would cause turmoil, simply because he enjoys it.

Two months ago, I cautioned that impeachment was a bad idea — that it was bad for the nation.  Forget Trump — impeachment is bad for the nation.  It makes no sense for the most useless people in the nation to make the most important decision in the nation.  While Trump richly deserves to be removed from office, getting him out of that office should be done at the election in less than 13 months.  Besides, how long will the impeachment process last, with a predictable outcome in the Senate?  I’m not confident he will actually pack his suitcase and vacate the White House without military assistance.  Losing the election would hurt his ego more than impeachment.

My suggestion for Speaker Pelosi is to wrap up the inquiry, without voting on impeachment, knowing the predatory media will continue the hunt for guilt.  Wrapping up without a vote will preclude the Senate from its predictable grandstanding.  Remember:  Americans can fix the problem they created . . . in just 13 months.

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