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Indignation Evolution


I recall writing years ago that “if we are free only to be respectful, then we are not really free at all.”  Yet, I was quite angry when the NFL players refused to stand during the national anthem.  It was disrespectful to a symbol that is intensely important to me.  I reacted too strongly to that slight.

After evolving, I realize a lack of respect is not the same thing as actual disrespect.

The new NFL rules now require players to stand during the national anthem if they are on the field.  If they chose NOT to respect the flag, they are free to remain in the locker room, until the national anthem is over.  That way, they are not DIS-respectful on the field.

I would modify that rule, requiring players to remain in the locker room, if they cannot refrain from spitting, swaying, and gawking at cheerleaders during the anthem.  Show respect for the flag or stay in the locker room!

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